Friday 14 July

Open doors 19.30 h

Concerts 22 h

Tuesday 18 July

Open doors 19.30 h

Concert start 22:00 h

Presents La increíble historia de Violín (The Incredible Violin Story)

After two years of intense touring with Ara 15 in which he shared his vital and musical biography, Ara brings us now his new repertoire, inspired by his violin and its incredible history.

A violin that was born in Modena and travelled to Lebanon to meet three-year-old Ara, whose father, also a violinist, taught him to play, and from which he would never part. Together they would discover Paganini. Together they would learn all the musical genres that they found along their travels over the years. Traveling, listening, fusing, and so on … till rock and pop music.

An amazing story that we can discover thanks to The Incredible Violin Tour, a fantastic 20-month tour around the world, which begins with the release of the album The Incredible Violin Story in October 2016 and with its premiere on December 28 in the Teatro Real in Madrid and the 30 in the Teatro Principal in Zaragoza.

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