Thursday  13 Julio

Open doors 19.30 h

Concert start 21:00 h


Presents Monstruos

With his third work, Monstruos, Leiva underpins his meteoric solo career to the zenith. Going deep into Monstruos is like grabbing two stripped high voltage wires with wet hands. You can’t avoid electric shock.

Monstruos causes short circuit no matter what. Maybe it is because of its emblematic lyrics with the confessional and insolent pitch of whom speaks bare-chested while trying to hide a wild card up his sleeve. In Monstruos, Leiva makes the most out the meow of his throat and resorts to the fire of pyrotechnic emotions: love and its uncertainty, friendship and its betrayal, success and its cutting double-edge. Emotional maps where you have to keep the balance and know how to count, reaching to slang expressions that in his voice become Hispanic rock poetry.

In MONSTRUOS, music holds and uplifts the lyrical spasm, tightening or releasing the string according to the song’s needs.

LEIVA has internalized the rock of Anglo-Saxon guitars (new wave American rock, from the 70s to present), urban Spanish rock and Argentinian rock and uses them with the wisdom of someone that has got it in his DNA and practices daily. The first single, Sincericidio, has already advanced a constant of the album: LEIVA shatters primary tensions with overwhelming refrains, sounding true to itself and with the greatest things to say.

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