Thursday 6 July

Open doors 19.30 h

Concert start 21:30 h


El poeta Halley (The poet Halley) is the eighth album of Love of Lesbian, an album with songs longer tan usual.

Bajo el volcán is the first single. Cuando no me ves, El yin y el yen, and Psychonauts  are the promotional tracks. Inspiration is that fleeting phenomenon that comes without being called and ignores any summoning. Love of Lesbian’s new album is an ode to the muse and its ambiguity, to fantasy and its contradiction. Thirteen songs with a unique narrative and aesthetic development arisen from each one’s singularity.

An album of many aspects, temptations and hopes, conducted in a tempo that touches. Recorded in La Casamurada and Blind Records, El poeta Halley (Warner, 2016) is a circular journey in which beginning and end are fellow travellers. To join them takes the time you need to pack your suitcase, but once you start the journey you won’t think about the way back.

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