Friday 30 June

Open doors 19.30 h

Txarango present their new album in Valencia. Txarango’s music is festive power with a message, and a huge ability to communicate and excite. Their poetry, their sound –an impressive fusion of Caribbean, Latin and Mediterranean music– and their energy and commitment on stage connect them immediately with the crowd. Txarango is the Catalan group with the most international appeal at the moment. More than 300 concerts in 19 countries and 4 continents, over 500.000 album downloads, hundreds of thousands of fans in social networks, two gold records and a long list of recognitions and prizes proof this statement.

Txarango has a date with Valencia next June 30th in Jardines de Viveros. It will be the opening concert for La Gran Feria de Julio. They will be accompanied by Vadebo, a group emerging in the Valencia scene, which will present the contents of their last record “Actitud” (2016, Maldito Records) and the feminine hip hop band Pupil.les.

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